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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is
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cbs3 "eyewitness news". hoping this is the guy and there aren't any cop fee cats. >> a man suspected of starting three philadelphia fires is now under arrest. police say he was captured on camera at each location. good evening everyone i'm natasha brown. thank you very much for joining us. authorities say the suspect could have caused a catastrophe and he is now facing a lengthy list of charges. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia is live in queen village with the latest details fours. alicia. >> reporter: natasha there's relief tonight the alleged arsonist is behind bars. authorities say he was recklessly setting fires that could have caused catastrophe including one that could have destroyed this well-known deli in queen village. surveillance video caught this arsonist three separate times seemingly getting a thrill out of setting trash on fire. for the last three months setting fires in philadelphia
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seemed to be getting away with them until now. the task force arrested 59-year-old juan barclay alleging he is the arsonist. >> hoping that this is the guy, and there aren't any copycats. >> reporter: fourth street deli could have been destroyed in february when authorities alleged barclay set fire to cardboard boxes outside the business. >> burnt up all these wires. >> reporter: thankfully emergency responders responded quickly in february and there was only damage to the outside of the famous deli that's been a part of queen village for 94 years. >> what was crazy when you watch the video he lit it and then he went away and he came back to see that it was burning. >> reporter: authorities allege a few weeks earlier barclay set fire to the dumpster on ranstead street and then damaged self cars when he set fire to trash along fifth street. he was caught on surveillance video both of those fires but the images of him weren't completely clear until he set fire to the deli on fourth
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street. >> this was perfect example cameras i have on the building and the cameras that the neighbors have on the block showed the whole thing. >> reporter: all the fires were started in the early morning hours. none of them caused significant damage but could have and that is why juan barclay is charged with causing or ago catastrophe. arson and criminal his you have reporting live in queen village alicia nieve stress, cbs3 white news. >> a loo leisha thank you very much. >> the search is on for a vandal who carved a swastika on a car in warminster it's part of a vandalism industry along the 600 of street road. the vandals damaged three other cars and two mailboxes at well. and three people are in the hospital tonight after an accident in philadelphia's fairmount park it's not clear exactly what caused the single car crash. it happened at kelly drive and south ferry road just after 3:0. two people are in critical condition.
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the other is stable. fire ripped through a townhouse on candle stick lane in sicklerville new jersey this morning. authorities say flames were shooting from the third floor when firefighters arrived at the scene just after 5:30. all of the residents got out of the house safely. because of a smoke alarm that was sounding. one firefighter suffered a minor injury. and the cause does remain under investigation. now to camden admiral wilson boulevard reopened finally following a trash fire this morning. the fire started near federal street about 5:00 o'clock. it took firefighters about two and a half hours to bring the blaze under control. authorities say one person was burned. no word on the condition and no word on a cause of this fire either. authorities charge a delaware man meantime with human trafficking. he's being held and $250,000 bail. authorities he can cuted a charge warrant a mobile home where several men were seen coming and going in a short
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amount of time. investigators tell us a 25-year-old woman from the dominican republic was found in a bed raul along with items used in commercial second trade. officials are now offering a new $5,000 reward for any information on a kitten found in trash bag doused in gasoline very disturbing story. two sanitation workers found the kitten while collecting trash in reading on tuesday. the kitten is named miracle maizy under going treatment at the humane veterinarian hospital. people for the ethical treatment of animals is offering the $5,000 reward and the humane society of berks county is also offering a $1,000 reward in this case. now police in sweden are conducting raids looking for more suspec suspects in friday'k attack. investigators say a bag of explosives has been found in the truck used in the terror tack. they also say the man arrested is likely the driver of the vehicle. four people were killed. 15 others injured when a stolen
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truck barreled into pedestrians on the busiest street in stock holme. wall of flowers is now growing at the scene of this attack. hundreds are placing flowers and also leaving messages of peace on the aluminum fence that been erected around the debris. mourners are lighting candles in memory those killed and wounded. sweden crown princess victoria visited the scene and told those gathers sweden must come together in solidarity. more bombs are raining down in syria days after chemical weapons kill dozens of civilians and injured hundreds more. meanwhile president trump is explaining thursday's us air strike. >> syrian opposition activist say war planes dropped more bombs on the town where sarin gas attack killed scores of people earlier this week. it's unclear where the latest strikes originated. syrian air force resumed flights where the assad regime launched the chemical attacks. missiles targeted syrian flames
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on thursday. the president trump faced criticism for not destroying the runways. >> 0-y russia and north korea have condemn the us strikes. dozens of protesters demonstra demonstrated outside the un office in damascus saturday. republican senator mccain on a visit said more us strikes are needed to stop the killing in syria. >> i think that we need to have further air operations to stop this kind of slaughter. >> former speech writer for george w. bush told cbs news president trump does not have long-term strategy. >> i don't think he has any designs at all. i think the lesson we take one of the first lessons trump really does not think strategically. >> trump administration is vowing to keep a pressure on syria and is signaling new sanctions will follow the missile attack. secretary of state rex tillerson traveled to moscow next week for an official visit and syria will be on the agenda we understand. a group in toledo ohio mak
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making sure syrian people have enough to eat during this very unstable time. impact with hope sending meals to syria every donation they get will go towards an already prepared meal package will be sent to those syria for those hurt in the chemical attack. it contains protein, dehydrated vegetables, vitamins and minerals. of course we will continue to cover the us military attack in syria. keep it right here cbs3 and remember when we aren't on the air you can always get the very latest information. go to our website back here at home, a new exhibit is highlighting artifacts from syria. the cultures in the crossfire exhibit opened to the public at the penn museum in university city today. we gave i was sneak peek earlier this week and terror groups have launched a campaign to destroy cultural sites in syria. this exhibit shows what might be lot of culture in the crossfire
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also features arts from iraq as well. and students show off their dance moves it's all for great cause in springfield, delaware county. cardinal o'hara high school host add dance marathon on campus. students danced for 12 hours all to raids money for the fight against childhood cancer marathon hold in memory of danny hammonds he lost his 12 year cancer fight at the age of 21 back in 2014. music finally stopped at 1:00 o'clock this morning, the school had already raised nearly $106,000. very nice. stay with us everyone. still ahead a little boy an easter tradition many of us take for granted. >> it's good for us because we got to sit down and practice on some of the things we needed to practice. basic electronics and circuitry. >> how these eggs created by a local bomb squad are changing the holiday for this boy and his family. plus the city of dallas hacked in the night. what the city is saying about the hour long emergency sirens
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that rank out in public buildings late into the evening hours. lauren. it was a seasonal saturday but we have a splendorred sun sunday in store. we'll talk about the warmup and when we can expect 80-degree highs in your full forecast coming up. >> aaron nola made his first start of the season and got lots of offense. well have more coming up in
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welcome back residents in dallas had rude awakening friday night when one vick emergency sayre reince hailed throughout the city. officials are saying the sirens were triggered by a hack much the office of emergency management went through protocols to turn them off. the city can't say how the system was hacked but it believes that this was done win the dallas area. also tonight delta airlines is still struggling trying to get flights schedules back to normal. airlines scrapped about 275 more flights today and says even more cancellations are possible. delta has been set back by severe weather that brought
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tornado like conditions to its hub in atlanta on wednesday. the nation's number two airline has canceled about 3,000 flights since then. delta is throwing pizza parties for stranded passengers trying to help ease some of the woes. airline has orde ordered 700 bof pizza over the past few days. small landslide here in washington leads to voluntary evacuations in the area and also the closure of a highway. the slow-moving slide didn't injure anyone not far where a massive slide killed 24 people back in 2014. geologists are expecting the area this weekend. people in oakland california they weren't as lucky. three homes in the hills are red tagged today because of a recent slide. sea of mud and debris all started sliding in the area on thursday night and continues to shift and move this weekend. now homes in the path of the
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already destructive slide will be demolished and their owners will be relocated. >> i came down and came through the back bedroom and bathroom and down through the hallway and then all through the patio. >> it burst through. started coming down our yard really fast. >> at this point the residents of the three red tagged homes will have to stay out as long as this hillside continues to be on the move. now a special easter egg hunt. it helps little boy who is visually impaired enjoy the upcoming holiday. the big beeping eggs were more than just novelty items in the easter egg hunt in flourtown. for one little boy they were a way to experience easter like never before. eight-year-old andrew godwin and his father both blind. thanks to the beeping eggs that you're hearing this is the first time either did an easter egg hunt without an extra set of eyes. >> i was listening to where they were and with daddy's help i was
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really honing in on them. >> being able to do the egg hunt independently as blind as individuals was liberating. >> inclusion is one of their missions to make sure visually impaired children had chance to hunt eggs they reach out to the international association of bomb technicians they contacted the montgomery county sheriff's office bomb squad who got to work making the special eggs for the kids. now bringing the country to the city philadelphia's largest single day local food festival in town at the pennsylvania convention center. more than 180 vendors from olea round the states attended the seventh annual philly farm and food fest including break way farms. inside was a live display with local produce, squash, tomatoes, eggplant. they used high tunnel which is enable them to harvest more crops than in an open planting field setting weather meantime
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was perfect for mt. laurel baseball opening day festiviti festivities. teams and coaches and parents participating in open day park. the philly phanatic was there and ron jaworski all there to help get the legal leaguers most 58ed for the big season. beautiful day for base you will. little leaguers, big leaguers the fills played tonight. >> beautiful night. >> much letter better than last night. >> much warmer. >> yes. much warmer. it is very pleasant evening as we head into tomorrow conditions will be even better but still pretty mild at this late hour. 53 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the northwest and those wind speeds lessen quite dramaly after fairly breezy day. dew points at 16 degrees indicating we have very dry and comfortable air in place. but with that dry air the clear conditions last night after that cloud deck cleared out we dropped down to 39 degrees in philadelphia. 35 to wake up this morning in allentown 20s in the poconos.
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all of that sunshine temperatures did rebound up to 61 degrees right around average in philadelphia we're back down to 53 degrees got 40s in allentown. 45 degrees current temperature in millville but, yeah, after the breezy conditions today, wind speeds are calm to light at all of our reporting sights as we head through the overnight period light winds still a bit chilly not so much of a wind chill impact. free degrees. for our day tomorrow beautiful. gorgeous. bright and sunny, pleasant 68 degrees little bit breezy at times as we head into the afternoon but not quite as gusty what we experience experienced . storm scan3 showing us quite conditions. high pressure in quell control. not a cloud in the sky to see. that hasn't been the case since march 1st. we've had ex tepped soggy stretch we picked up over 6-inches of rainfall plus water equivalent to snowfall that's about 5-inches above average just since march 1st. i think we're due for sunshine and mother nature will provide for us tomorrow. beautiful looking forecast for
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the phils taking on the nationals at bank. 65 degrees and sunshine for first pitch at 1:35. gorgeous. as we head into next week, we'll see this ridgin ridging that als warmth to build from the south high temperatures running tone 20 degrees above average. that will culminate on tuesday with our first 80-degree reading in philly since last fall but for tomorrow still a nice day right around average 61 degrees mild in the poconos fright brought and sunny pleasant down the shore good forgetting out on the beach snead long sleeves but pleasant conditions and 62 degrees the high temperature in the forecast in millville for tomorrow. we'll top at 66 degrees in reading and 65 in allentown and 70 degrees in store for our monday. another round of sunshine in store. more sunshine into tuesday but with that warmth 80 degrees. could see a pop-up thunderstorm develop as we head into the afternoon hours. wednesday we're a bit cooler well above average at 72 degre 72 degrees. still hield mild into thursday increasing clouds skate a much
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drier week in store with a chance of a passing shower on wednesday and friday and that chance of a thunder shower on tuesday. >> i was looking at that 80-degree day. >> much more spring looking forecast finally. >> thank you very much lauren. we appreciate in. pat has sports tonight. >> big day across the landscape of sports with flyers, sixers, union they're all in action but there was history made tonight. phillies took on the nationals in south philly. they had themselves some fun in the first. see how crazy it got next in sports.
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all right. phillies were on fire. >> wild night at the ballpark tonight. not bad one. phillies took on the nationals
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tonight. all eyes were on start aaron nola to see what he had in store for his first start of the season that quickly became an after thought as the phillies bats exploded in historic way. let's make history. first inning michael saunders he singles to right. that would score howie kendrick it's two to nothing phils. tommy joseph he ropes one up the middle. odubel herrera scores three to nothing much bases loaded for kendrick who is back at the plate and he clears them. kendrick is red hot right finish three for 45 with four rbi's he has himself a triple off the wall. the slide only ugly thing in the inning look at that. eight to nothing fittings. maikel franco were a line drive into the gap. harrier what would score from first. 12 to nothing you read that right. the phillies scored a franchise record 12 runs in the first in inning they sent 16 batters to
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the plate. nola pitched well. he goes six. strikes out seven. phillies win, 17-three. yeah, 17-three. for the sixers the wheels have fallen off that's good and bad. bad because they're in the midst of a five-game loseing streak good because it's helping their draft lottery position. to the wells fargo sent against bucks. holmes a bright spot tonight. second quarter dario saric with the sweet pass to holmes he throws down two of his 17. sixers lead by sick at half time but the bucks would take over in the third. gianna, with the steal and an easy layup. that puts the bucks up seven. greg monroe continues to have his way against the sixers. he's foul. he scores. phone off the bench. sixers really running on fumes right now. they lose 90-82. as at long year winds down for the flyers it will not end with play off run but they still have to finish out the schedule.
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today they took on the blue jacks in south philly. wayne simmons voted team mvp he pick up hardware before the game. no score in the first. edward belmar with a wicked wrister he lyme's the lamps for the first time in 36 games. one to nothing flyers. later in the first michael dell sad dough beat bob. they would row view it counts. they lead two to nothing. power play second period. giroux find vorachek. flyers back up by two and they would beat the blue jackets four-two. philadelphia inquirer is is reporting eagles defense tackle beau allen suffered a chest injury. reports say it's a torn peck muscle that will likely require surgery and can keep the 25-year-old -- 25 year old out for several months. down in chester the philadelphia union looking for their first win of the season. they hosted portland. still searching after 90 minut minutes. game tied 66th minute roy
11:26 pm
miller with header past andre blake much the union remain winless on the season with a three-one loss. moving day augusta. day three of the master it's right here on cbs3. second round later charlie hoffman tee shot at 16 can nan bowel right in the water. double bogie on the hole. he had lose the lead. on 18 justin rose sinks the birdie p. he shot five under 67 the best number of the day. he's tied with sergio garcia a top the leader board at six under par. we've got final round coverage of the masters tomorrow starting at 2:00 p.m. right here on cbs3. so great day of sports today. even better with the final round of the masters tomorrow. >> we'll see how it goes tomorrow. >> we will. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> stay with us tonight on "eyewitness news". a man is fight
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♪ welcome bag everyone. las vegas man is fighting his homeowners association over wreaths right about now. and the family that lives in the home says it is ridiculous that it's actually come this far. so here's what's happening. are these with relation too christmas see? well that's what milan pi car says is homeowners associate told him in written notice. warning him he may be fined if
11:30 pm
he doesn't take them down but he says the decorations were pick out during a non-holiday season to make the front door look a little more welcoming. >> white persian armenian from iran. i'm indian these are not christmas wreaths. they've been you up for while. >> the family is facing 100 dollars fine. decorations must be removed within 30 days of the holiday. he's ready to get lawyers involved if he has to do that. we'll keep you posted.
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welcome back. finally tonight a celebration avenue sweet marshmallow treat rochester new york hosted the peeps show. here's what we're talking about. clarify this. let's clarify. colorful peeps were the stars dozens of creation inspired by
11:34 pm
the sticky and gooey candy on display. and boy were the artist creati creative. hock at that. some created model homes, farms one artist even built a castle out of peeps boxes. >> lots of smiles. lots of giggling. numbers of the displays are quite humorous and several of them are true works of art. people are just marveling at. >> that is amazing. look at that. this event benefits more than 20 local non hiv profit organizations and admission is free and the event runs through sunday afternoon. it's like you want to pluck one off and start eating it good. [ laughter ] >> look at the fireman. >> totally inappropriate for me to eat the fireman peep. let's get to you lauren one last check of the forecast. >> beautiful tomorrow. great day if you're sitting out in the sun and eating peeps. [ laughter ] >> 68 degrees. 78 degrees on monday. hitting 80 by tuesday. >> very nice. thank you very much. thank you for joining us everyone. i'm natasha brown. for pat, lauren all of us here we appreciate you being with us and worry always on
11:35 pm morning, francis. is it? where are you going? what, you think i got nothing better to do than to sit around here all day? i'm having lunch at sartello's with tim kincaid. he didn't get enough of you when he was mayor? i remind him of the glory days. well, when mayor poole leaves office, i'll be the last one he wants to have lunch with. well, i tell better jokes than you do. here, take my sartello's card. no, thanks. sartello's is cash only. i know that. and i got it. (whistling happily) okay. danny: this massage parlor-- it's a legit place of business? as far as i know. uh-huh. how's the vic? not likely. uh, where'd they take him? st. victor's. okay, so we got three shots fired,


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